Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Student Information System

Exciting times in 203. We have formally announced the selection of our new Student Information System vendor - Infinite Campus.

The next year will be spent managing, training, data conversion, project governance, etc. as we prepare our end users to transition from a system that has been in place for nearly 10 years to a modern web-based system.

My role specifically is on the district's steering committee, Project Champions Group (core team) as well as the lead for Training and Student / Parent portal. I believe my background in a previous SIS implementation (though on a much smaller scale) will serve benefit to my groups throughout this project. I can draw on previous successes and failures in designing our implementation strategy.

I look forward to Infinite Campus playing an integral role in 203 moving forward. I believe they are a company that understands education and their role within the environment. Their implementation partner CIC, appears to have a good grasp of IL K-12 as well as IC.

Here is to a great year with both partners as we work to a smooth implementation and ensuring our end users are provided the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently run in the new environment.

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