Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Few Days

The first few days as Director of Instructional Technology for the Naperville Community Unit School District 203 have been great. I have spent the first days meeting people, organizing my new office, sorting through docs and starting to establish my vision and direction.

Some of the items our department will be working through this year include:

  • Implementation of new Student Information System (our role will center around the training and implementation of the portal)
  • Reviewing strategies for gathering data on both student and teacher technology competencies. With the second phase focused on how to utilize that data to implement change.
  • Research and strategies for 1:1 initiative - what does it look like? how do we justify and measure the impact - and not just in test scores.
  • Embedding Digital Citizenship concepts through the curriculum at multiple levels.
  • Discussing the potential change in teaching methods when digital curriculum is introduced. How to prepare teachers for this paradigm shift.
  • Embedding 21st century skills throughout the curriculum. This goes hand in hand with our research and strategies for a 1:1.
  • Discussing how student email plays a role in the district moving forward. What are the potential pit falls and risks vs. reward. With the technology in place, how do we communicate to the staff on how to effectively utilize this tool.
  • Ensure the Learning Management System the district utilizes is a core function of technology integration, 1:1 discussions and digital curriculum conversations.
I am excited for this great opportunity that has been presented to me and look forward to working with leading edge K-12 administrators, teachers, technology specialists and staff in a truly world class district - Naperville 203.


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Purplebutrfli said...

Those are ambitious plans. Sounds like your district is lucky to have you. Some of your goals mirror my goals for the year.

I will be following your progress.