Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Evaluating the iPad

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Over the next few weeks I will be taking part in our district's evaluation of the iPad. I have one in my possession to use at the office and at home.

My immediate reaction was "wow"...It is like a large iPhone. Obviously impressive with media, browsing the web, videos, etc. But then I started thinking like a student. Is this device really just for those who wish to consume or can it be utilized who those who wish to create also?

If I wanted to take information that I pulled from the web or other venues, could I easily and efficiently manipulate that information into a format for a presentation, collaboration, etc?

What about input? Is the 'keyboard' on the touch screen the most efficient way to input data? Obviously an external keyboard of some sort would be ideal.

I utilized the iPad during a morning meeting and took pretty efficient notes. (Mostly because of my 2 years+ on the iPhone, I consider myself a proficient i typer.) The problem became after the meeting - I was required to do some copying / pasting and then sharing to distribute my notes. It was manageable but cumbersome.

I'm looking forward to the continued evaluation on my end, but most importantly feedback we will receive from teachers and students.


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Me1000 said...

Just a quick note… If you have the Camera Connection Kit it includes a USB port which is designed to plug in cameras (obviously) but it will also accept a USB keyboard. I'm unsure if it has to be an Apple keyboard though… but I believe any USB keyboard will work.

Additionally you can use an Apple bluetooth keyboard with it and it "just works" So in the situations where you will be typing a large amount that's an option…


JDS-CIO said...

Good info - thanks for sharing Randy. Hoping to find something to keep the overall price point as low as possible.