Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 3 with the iPad

I have utilized the iPad the past few days in a variety of meetings. I took notes via the notes feature in my Calendar, the basic notes app that comes standard and I also downloaded and installed the Documents Free app. I have found the Doc Free app the easiest to use, having the ability to upload the files quickly to Google Docs (while connected to the office WiFi). I also utilized the Calendar notes feature to quickly share my notes from a meeting to the other attendees who were on the invite.

Typing on the iPad isn't that difficult, since I have been an iPhone user for 2 years+. A wireless keyboard would be ideal and I have started to do minimal research on them. My looming concern at this point after a fairly intense process of utilization is having to lay the device flat on a table surface and leaning over to type / view the content. I really need a stand to have an optimal experience...

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