Friday, July 6, 2012

Digital Lockers

The idea of a digital locker for students isn't something new to education.  I've heard people speak to the concept for a few years.  But if the concept or idea isn't new, then why haven't we seen a shift in how our students share their work with colleges, industries, etc? 

We as educational leaders must provide tools to our students that makes their life easier.  We must provide tools that enable them to share their rich media projects, works of art, or writings.  And the ability to share those works must be intuitive for the student, and for the person on the other end receiving the work. 

If your school district hasn't already started investigating digital lockers for your students - start.  Look at existing systems you have in place and see if they offer that functionality.  If they don't, start exploring cloud / web-based systems that meet your student's needs and are cost effective.  This isn't a high dollar investment, but it is an investment that pays huge dividends for our students as they are preparing for life after our institution.