Thursday, September 3, 2009

President's Speech to Students

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I certainly try to keep politics out of my day-to-day job and this blog, but this is a topic that simply could not be ignored.

On Tuesday, September 8 (the first day of school apparently for most students, not those in KY who have been attending for a month), President Obama will address to students of America in a speech designed to motivate students about attending school, etc. For more information about this address visit here.

I had seen information regarding this event floating around the past couple of weeks and honestly never gave a second thought to it - positive or negative. However, it has amazed me at the amount of negativity currently surrounding this event, especially from the parents of K-12 students. I believe most school districts have taken the high road and made the correct choice in leaving this a local school / classroom decision and instructing teachers to provide alternate assignments for those who request. School districts have no choice in making this decision because we are fearful of the potential backlash. And that is where this becomes a shame...

Before the bashing of me begins, let me state that I am a Republican. I voted against our current President and I don't agree with a majority of the policies he is looking to implement. That being said, this man is still the President of the United States - that office deserves the respect and the time to listen to a 15-20 minute speech. Too many people are blowing this out of proportion and having a knee-jerk reaction to their children listening to a short speech by our country's leader.

One of the few items I am pleased this administration has embraced is the use of technology. Our President has broadcast many messages across YouTube and streams live from the White House website. I applaud the administration for embracing these tools and lines of communication.

Again (just to make sure I get my point across) - I don't agree with the majority of our President's politics, agenda or ideas. But he is still the President and regardless of political views, we shouldn't be in an uproar over allowing students 15-20 minutes to listen to him encourage them to attend school, do good in school, etc.

That is my two cents and I am certainly prepared for the comments, both positive and negative.


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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The President wants to speak to students about education and it becomes a problem? Obama earned the Presidency and he had a great education. People are getting their on biases in the way of a good deed.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Nervous Melvin said...

My observation, sadly, was the parents who asked for their kids to be separated during the speech did so not because of politics but because of race.