Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PDF to Word - Free

what are word for?Image by Darwin Bell via Flickr

Cool tool that I was shown today for anyone looking for an easy way to convert PDF files into .docs or .rtf files. The tool is "PDF to Word" - and it is free.

Click here for more information.


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Scott said...

I can recommend one more way to convert from PDF to Word and vice versa - with PDF Converter - http://www.pdftodocconverterpro.com
You can convert the PDF file to Word or Excel, edit it, and then convert back to PDF if needed. It is very quick and easy.

Melvin James said...

I've tried those online services before. Sometimes I need to convert some classified PDF or personal PDF, so that online converters seem not that reliable to me. I'm using AnyBizSoft to convert PDF to Word for me, that's accurate, even protected PDF can be converted. Pretty cool.