Saturday, September 12, 2009

BLE - Day 1

Day 1 of the BLE Group's EdNet meetings in Chicago are behind us. Lots of great conversations, shared ideas, shared resources, discussions and debates.

I had the opportunity to meet with two vendors today and hear presentations on (1) new products/ideas (2) ways to improve existing products / market (3) vision beyond 2-3 years and their market place in 5-10 years (4) resources pulling together multiple databases, instructional tools and external applications. (Note: because of NDA I can't go into more details...)

I even had the opportunity to chair my first panel session this afternoon, of which I thought went quite well.

I always look forward to these events, not only because of the vendor panel sessions but the time I get to spend during lunch, breaks and the evenings with my colleagues from across the country (and in this event - the world) - listening to their success stories, failures and ideas.

Time for a brief rest before tonight's dinner reception. Another opportunity to continue the great conversations and learning from others. All while keeping in mind the information I gain from these events will inevitably help the students of the Marshall County School District.


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