Sunday, September 13, 2009

BLE - Day 2

Day 2 of our BLE / EdNET panel sessions have concluded and it was quite the busy day.

The day started with a session by Innovation for Learning - a non-profit group that specializes in differentiated instruction, specifically in Reading and Math. The product they have produced is a small, low-cost device that provides individual, prescribed instruction for grades P-2 in both reading and math. The solution is easy to use, simple to maintain, little to no PD necessary and very intuitive for both teacher and student. The most impressive thing with this session was the recognition by the group that this device is merely a bridge between the gap of a web-based solution that will adapt to the "next generation" devices that all students will be carrying in the near future.

My second session of the day was with K12, which is an online curriculum and education leader in the nation. K12 was looking for feedback on their courses / products versus their competitors, along with feedback on some new pieces / additions coming soon. I believe our group was able to provide them the necessary feedback so they can adapt and provide the necessary tools for K-12 students.

My day finished with a couple of sales panel sessions where we listened to a sales presentation by a vendor and didn't necessarily evaluate the product, but rather the sales presentation, technique, delivery and content. These type of sessions are new to the BLE group and I think will provide real value to the firms. I know the two groups we had an opportunity to work with today came away with some positive reinforcement and areas to improve on as well.

Once the work was done...I concluded with a great dinner at Rosesbud Steakhouse. Great conversation with some BLE / Ed Tech leaders across the nation. I knew when they began talking about the "short list" for the Director of Technology job within the US Department of Education and who was "in" versus who was "out" - that I was in some good company.

Signing off for the weekend - time for some rest and then flying home tomorrow.

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