Monday, February 1, 2010

Teacher Devices Before Student Devices?

I am of the firm belief that before a school district can effectively implement a 1:1 initiative with their students, teachers must have a minimum of 1 year with a similar device.

I believe this year+ allows the teachers to acclimate themselves to being mobile and comfortable using the device on a daily basis. This increased comfort level (side-by-side with effective staff training) will also increase and encourage the further implementation of interactive components, communication/collaboration tools and beyond the classroom learning.

Let's be honest, students are already comfortable with mobile devices. They are using them daily now - largely outside of our schools. Putting a device in their hand, is not a big learning curve. Putting a device in their hand at the same time as you do a teacher, could create a culture of anxiety for teachers.

Have you seen a 1:1 where students and teachers received the devices at the same time? What was the implementation like? If you had to do it over again, would you give the teachers a year or two? Or do you believe teachers can handle receiving the devices at the same time as students?

Leave your thoughts.

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Jody said...

McCracken and Todd would be able to give insight on the 'at the same time' approach and Daviess would weigh in on the 'teachers first' approach.

From my perspective, the key is to continue to stress to decision-makers that the purchase of the devices is the easy part. To be successful, the initiative requires clear goals on what is to be accomplished. This would likely require a change in instructional methods. Proper technical and professional development help would also be required to ensure that you have functional technology and a trained workforce ready to implement instructional goals that are developed prior to purchase of any devices.