Friday, February 19, 2010

Teacher and Student Interaction on Social Networking Sites

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Another hot topic. I think the appropriate statement is not "Should Teachers and Students Interact on Social Networking Sites?", but rather "How Should Teachers and Students Interact on Social Networking Sites?"

The debate will continue to rage, whether they should be Facebook friends, interact via Twitter, etc. I see the educational value in both, along with other social networking apps that provide real-time communication and collaboration. The key is teachers (and students) understanding how to interact and behave in that environment. Proper training and education goes a long way for both groups.

Here are a couple of good reads that were shared by a colleague of mine in Kentucky today.

The first is a Social Networking "Do's" and "Dont's" for Educators: click here

The second is an editorial on Facebook accountability: click here

What are your thoughts on the subject? How should teachers and students interact on social networking sites and apps? What sort of education is necessary to ensure appropriate behavior?

Share your successes and failures.

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