Saturday, July 25, 2009

100th Post / iPhone Story

This is my 100th post with CIO Corner. Quite a journey over the past 15 months. Thanks to all the followers and those who continue to provide feedback and comments along the way. Keep them coming!

A quick story about my iPhone and how truly tough the device is. Yesterday I was leaving my barber and as I was heading to my vehicle, I noticed the rain had picked up and a torrential downpour better described the scene outside. My vehicle was a good 30 yards away and I decided to make a quick run for it. Along the way, I attempted to place my iPhone in my belt holster and it must have slipped out - hit the pavement and landed face down in a puddle of water. About 10 minutes later I found the device in a next door restaurant where my "Good Samaritan" for the day had recovered the device. She said "good luck with it - it was burried in water when I found it." I had lost all hope that it would function - much less turn on. However, to my suprise the device was on and had a signal. I was able to place a call, check my email, get on the web, facebook and text. At first the speaker was a bit muffled but after letting it sit over night - it is as good as new. These devices are truly tough to have absorbed the water it did along with the drop to the pavement. Thank God I didn't lose my iPhone...what would I have done?

Talk at ya soon.

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