Monday, July 20, 2009

Motorokr T505

motorokr-t505Image by ernesto_vm via Flickr

This weekend I purchased one of the greatest tools I have found to work hand in hand with my iPhone.

The Motorola Motorokr T505 is a bluetooth hands-free device that allows a user to do a couple of things. First, it allows a user (specifically for me an iPhone user) to play the music on my iPhone via an FM Transmitter built into the device. Now you might say that isn't anything special - however once you connect to a local station that isn't broadcasting and that station begins to have static - by a simple press of the button, the Motorokr T505 will automatically seek out the next station that is available. This saves the user from having to manually seek out those stations on their own.

The second cool feature of this device is the ability to do hands-free phone calls with the Motorokr. Once it connects you have the ability to place a call with your phone and choose the audio source (phone, speaker phone or the Motorokr). Also, when you are listening to music via the Motorokr and you receive an incoming call, you have the ability to push a single button on the device and answer the call.

The price point on the device has dropped since the first of the year by 40%. If you are seeking a solution to play your iPhone/iTouch/iPod in your vehicle and don't have an auxiliary port built into your vehicle - this is the device for you.

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