Thursday, August 6, 2009


It isn't often that I divulge from Ed Tech topics, but I felt the need this being an educational platform to put in a plug for one of the best motivational and educational speakers I have heard in my short lifetime.

Our school year began with our teachers (along with teachers from three other districts) filling our performing arts center to listen to Dr. Todd Whitaker, a noted educational consultant and speaker for teachers, principals and parents. Mr. Whitaker is the author of such well-known books in the educational circles as: "What Great Teachers Do Differently", "What Great Principals Do Differently" and "Dealing With Difficult Parents".

Dr. Whitaker has the ability to captivate an audience of 900 people for nearly five hours, without losing one person's interest. He is an engaging, humorous and eloquent speaker. If you have not heard Dr. Whitaker speak before I have placed links below to various You Tube videos highlighting some of his speaking engagements.

If your school district is searching for someone to engage, encourage, motivate and even entertain your faculty/staff; I highly suggest Dr. Todd Whitaker.

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