Thursday, June 4, 2009

KySTE Summer Conference

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Not in an effort to provide a shameless plug for the organization of which I am an officer, but rather to promote an up and coming technology conference - I offer a preview of the 2009 KySTE Summer Conference.

The 2009 KySTE Summer Conference is scheduled for June 17-19 in Shepherdsville, KY (which is approximately 15 minutes south of Louisville, KY). The conference will be housed at North Bullitt High School, a part of the Bullitt County School District.

After last year's successful event in Campbell County, KY - I fully anticipate this year's event to be as successful as our organization and conference continue to grow. We have a full slate of quality vendor partners who are prepared to engage the educational technology leaders of our state in discussions and presentations. We also have numerous ed tech leaders who are prepared to share their own experiences and projects in a variety of sessions.

I have a few members of my staff who will be making the trip up to Shephersville in a couple of weeks and my hope is they get as much out of this event, as I did last year.

Check back in a couple of weeks for a full review of the event and the highlights from sessions I attend and vendors I spoke with.

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JDS-CIO said...

I will not be blogging about my experiences at KySTE. Due to my back injury, I was unable to travel and attend.