Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reflection on Steve Jobs

Image representing Steve Jobs as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseAs I sit here and ponder the life and legacy of Steve Jobs, I look at the devices surrounding me in my living room to get a glimpse at his profound impact.  iPhone to my right.  iPad to my left.  iTunes on my desktop.  Steve Jobs was an innovator. 

Think about the music industry.  Many tried, but many failed.  Napster.  Rhapsody.  iMesh.  It wasn't until iTunes that the music industry was truly revolutionized.  Steve Jobs and his vision has forever changed how, where, and why we listen to music.

Let's talk about mobile devices.  The iPhone is a given.  Pre-iPhone, Smartphones were a novel concept that no one really knew what to do with.  Then along came the iPhone.  The App Store.  It has revolutionized how we communicate, do business, play, and live our lives. 

The iPad.  Great consumption device for an individual.  It is slowly, but surely, becoming a device that can change the landscape in education and other arenas.  Many people have moved away from a PC or laptop as their primary device and are living 100% on the iPad.  That trend will continue to grow.

I firmly believe Apple TV will continue to grow and potentially change the TV landscape, much like the music world was rocked.  Jobs had it figured out.  Like him or not, like Apple or not - the man was a master at marketing, strategy, and, above all, innovation. 

Steve Jobs will be remembered for two key words, that I have used time and time again in the post.  Innovator.  Revolutionlized.   

RIP Steve.  Thank you. 


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