Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4S

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseSo Apple's big announcement yesterday came as a disappointment to many.  The rumors that had been circulating for days centered around a new design, look and feel, and other hardware enhancements.  Apple instead chose to focus its efforts on this updated iPhone on the software side. 

So what is new about the iPhone 4S? 
  • It has a faster processor than its brother the iPhone 4.  It utilizes a similar processor found in the iPad.  This means faster access to apps, better multi-tasking experiences and better end user experience with streaming content.  
  • The camera's resolution and sharpness have increased.  With an 8 megapixel camera, it has an improved lens, shoots in 1080p, more light, faster time between pictures and much more.  Big improvement. 
  • Apple incorporated a feature known as Siri, hoping it serves as a 'personal assistant' for customers.  Siri isn't new, but rather a company Apple purchased over a year ago.  Smart move incorporating that technology into this release.  
  • iOS5, which features the iCloud is set to release October 12.  The biggest win here is the elimination of syncing devices.  iCloud allows a user to update, sync, etc. all over a wireless connection.  
  • The iPhone 4S is available on Sprint now, as well as AT&T and Verizon.  Although Samsung is threatening legal action around the technology that makes the iPhone more of a 'world market phone'. 
While there was no 'iPhone 5' that had been touted, I believe Apple provided a solid upgrade to its current product making feature enhancements that customers had been asking for.  Was it a silver bullet?  No.  In typical Apple marketing strategy, they will probably save that for the next major holiday. 

I have yet to make a decision on upgrading to the 4S, I'm obviously most interested in the iOS upgrade in a week and testing out the iCloud functionality.  Stay tuned for my thoughts on iCloud...


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