Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Laptop Program Update

We are approximately 6 weeks into having our laptops on-site and the work is really starting to pick up. Our tech staff is working deligintely to ensure all desktops that are being replaced are brought back to our central location (they will later be cleaned up and upgraded before being redeployed to the handful of teachers who chose a newer desktop over a laptop). They are also in the final phases of preparing an image that will be utilized on the laptops. One of the exciting pieces of these devices is they will be the first district owned Windows 7 devices on our network. We have tested, but are anxious to see the benefits once the curtain drops.

We are meeting next week with our Professional Development consultant from Dell to determine the path we wish to set for our teachers with this project. We are excited about those teachers within our district that have stepped forward to serve as the Model Teachers and be a leader, champion and inspiration for educational technology within their walls. Without their leadership and guidance, the instructional piece of this project would suffer.

Time will tell the impact this project has on the district, teacher technology skills, utilization of technology (both teachers and students) and student learning. I hate I won't be here to see the first-hand impact it plays in the overall educational role, but feel confident those still here will carry the torch forward.

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