Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 Jobs

The struggles of trying to keep up with two jobs. I am down to 9 official working days as CIO of MCPS. Closing out projects, collecting information for a new person, meeting with staff, preparing next year's budget / projects - that in itself is quite the time commitment.

But I am also trying to get a head start on my new role. Director of Instructional Technology for the Naperville 203 School District. 203 is winding down a search for a new Student Information System and I have been involved in that process for the past month. Combine that with learning people, processes, etc. and I feel I am getting somewhat of a "leg up" on July 1.

The next month will be quite the whirlwind. Combine the above with selling a house, getting married, purchasing a new house / relocating out of state and as one of my good friends and colleagues and MCPS said "you are doing six MAJOR life changing events within about 2 month period...try to stay sane". I will do my best.

I hope to resume regular blogging in July and start sharing information about Naperville 203 and the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead.

Until then...

JDS | CIO....or should it become JDS / DIT......I think I like the first one better.

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