Sunday, May 3, 2009

Web 2.0 Tools I Use

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Throughout the course of my day I often rely on Web 2.0 tools to communicate, share and collaborate with colleagues, friends and co-workers. Here are the ones I rely on and why I rely on them:

Twitter - (jdscio) - Twitter has allowed me to connect with CIOs, Ed Tech leaders and technology guru's from across the globe. I use twitter to share ideas, resources and updates from our district. In turn, I often get public or private responses on how these tools are used by others - or answers to questions I may have. My two favorite clients are TweetDeck for my PC, because it allows me to organize my replies, direct messages and friends; plus it ties in with Facebook. One post from one location - updating to both locations. I also rely on Twitterific for my iPhone. Twitterific is simple, easy to use and easy to update while on the go. Twitter is easily the one Web 2.0 tool I could not do without.

Blogger - I utilize blogger for the reason you reading now. Blogger allows me to publish my thoughts, ideas, resources and district accomplishments on CIO Corner. It has allowed for great conversations, interactions and meetings of new people. I have been challenged on certain views, encouraged on projects and praised for the accomplishments in our district.

YouTube - I utilize YouTube (jdscio) to share information about our school district. We have a teacher recruiting video, along with a running series, MC Connection, which highlights administrators, teachers and students in our district. YouTube has taken the information sharing of our district beyong the local media and beyond our county, state and country.

Facebook - Facebook can be used both on a personal and professional level. I obviously use Facebook to connect with friends and family, keep up with happenings and share with is going on in my life. But I also use Facebook to join Groups of Interest that allows me to connect with fellow educators and technology users. The line is sometimes thin between personal and professional, but I do not think there is a need to seperate - as long as the user does not abuse.

Skype - Skype is pretty self explanatory. How Skype has impacted my job is by allowing me and my collegauges to collaborate in an environment (and in conjunction with other tools - Mikogo, Ustream, etc.) where we can have discussions, share ideas, resources and talk about upcoming initiatives in our districts and the state. Skype has also been used by other leaders in KY Ed Tech to broadcast meetings, sessions, etc.

Ning - The main resource I use in Ning is the School CIO/CTO Ning. This is a place I have been able to communicate and collaborate with Ed Tech CIOs from across the country. We are able to have discussions, share links, resources, videos, etc. and talk about upcoming ed tech events.

LinkedIn - I just recently joined LinkedIn, so I am early in the evaluation process of how this will impact my job. I like the concept of connecting with people and sharing the pieces / accomplishpments of your personal career. Once I have assessed this tool, I will provide a follow up post.

iGoogle / Google Talk - Our district technology staff relys in Google Talk to communicate, ask each quick questions and check the status of our availability. I personall use iGoogle as my "dashboard / organizer". Within iGoogle I have sevearl blog feeds, site updates, bookmarks and news / weather. It has evolved into a tool that I rely on to navigate the web.

I hope if you are not already using these tools, you will find them useful in your job or personal life. As I continue to use / find new tools I will share them here at CIO Corner.


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Bri Brewer said...

What a great list! I love that the majority of these tools aid communication and foster interaction. I think that is the a great testament to the power of social media, social networking and Web 2.0.