Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cool Tools

Here are a few cool tools I have used / currently use. I believe K-12 CIOs can find great value from all three of them.

Scrutinizer (NetFlow) - This is a tool we recently had installed in our district. To quote my network administrator "it is the greatest tool I have used in five years"...So what is it?

Scrutinizer is a network management tool that uses NetFlow ®, sFlow ®, Juniper ® J-Flow, IPFIX or NetStream to provide historical trends of traffic data across all critical network interfaces. With Scrutinizer you can use all of the above data to monitor the over health of your network. You have the ability to identify which specific users, protocols and apps are using your bandwidth.

It is imperative that K-12 CIOs and Educational Technology leaders are aware of the type of traffic passing over their lines. They must ensure traffic is used for educational and instructional purposes, while preserving the integrity of the network. This tool makes that possible.

WinDirStat - WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Microsoft Windows. I came across this tool thanks to my friend Jody Rose over at Topics for K12 CIOs. Jody's blog gives two very good uses for this tool in a school district. I just recently installed the application and by no means am an expert, but in a short period of time have found it to be very useful. Give it a try!

TweetDeck - For those CIOs who Tweet - this is the perfect application for viewing, organizing and sharing information via Twitter. Over the course of the last year in using Twitter, this has become the most useful tool. I am also partial to it, because of the ability to view Facebook updates and also create a single post that can be posted to Twitter, Facebook or both. So if you are still searching for that perfect app to enhance your Twitter experience - look no further than TweetDeck.


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