Sunday, November 16, 2008

iPhone - Part II (Apps)

The iPhoneImage via WikipediaIt has been nearly six weeks since I provided my initial blog/thoughts on the iPhone. I still believe this device to be the premier device available to provide communication, messaging, 3G quality (in applicable areas) and its main advantage - the apps. Here are a few apps that I use on a daily basis and could not survive without (all of these apps are FREE):

  • Ping Lite - Pint Lite allows you to Ping, Telnet and Traceroute IP addresses within your network. I have found this app extremely beneficial while at the office or at a school and needing to quickly test whether an IP is online.
  • Twitterific - This is the ultimate mobile Twitter app in my opinion. It is easy to use, allows you to post your location, pics and quickly view tweets from your favorite tweeterites.
  • AirMe - Do you use Flickr? If so - this app is a must for you. AirMe allows you to take pictures within its app and if you approve of the pic - automatically upload the pic to your Flickr photostream.
  • AroundMe - This app is a must for trying to find restaurants, pubs, hotels, gas stations, etc. if you are in your own town or traveling. I have used AroundMe in Nashville, Louisville, Frankfort, Seattle and even in the small towns of Western KY.
  • Fring - Fring allows you IM with your contacts from Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, and many more. The ultimate app for those who IM on a regular basis and have multiple contact lists.
  • GasBag - GasBag provides real-time data on the gas stations around your location with the cheapeast gas prices. This app relies on its users to update cheaper gas prices when they find them.
  • i.TV - Put in your zip code and cable/satellite provider and you can view television listings from your iPhone. This app has promised the ability to view tv shows in the near future - keep your eyes on this one.
  • Facebook / MySpace - I am constantly trying to keep both of my social networking sites up to date, while staying in touch with friends and family. These apps allow me to do that - no matter where I am. Facebook gets the nod for ease of use and display of information.
I still wish the iPhone had the ability for MMS messaging. That is my only complaint at this point - nearly four months as a satisfied iPhone user.


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