Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Visionapp Remote Desktop

Terminal ServicesFor those of you who manage large numbers of computers on your network, a remote management tool can quickly become your best friend. While Windows Remote Desktop is nice and serves its purpose, it certainly does not provide you the organization, control and flexibility like Visionapp Remote Desktop.

I started using this application several months ago and would now confidently recommend it to all. This application has allowed me to organize my connections and open multiple remote desktop sessions within a single window (using tabs).

Click here for screen capture of Visionapp.

Click here to download Visionapp (free) for use in your environment. I am confident it will improve your organization and effectiveness for remote access.


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Erica Malinowski said...

Remote desktop software is a great solution for managing multiple desktops on single network. The superior organization and flexibility of Visionapp makes it preferable to the Windows platform. The ability to open multiple remote desktop sessions in a single window streamlines usage.