Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cool Tools

Math - Teacher EducationHere are two cool tools I came across today:

The first is a micro-blogging site that was built for use by teachers and students. Edmodo is a site that was built with student privacy in mind. It allows teachers and students to safely and securely share notes, links and files. Teachers also have the ability to send alerts, events and assignments to teachers.

I have evaluated this tool over the weekend and found it extremely user friendly and functional while providing excellent setup instructions for both teachers and students.

Teacher Setup Instructions

Student Setup Instructions

Edmodo also recently added a grading system and assignment turn-in feature.

This free tool provides all the necessary items for teachers and students to share, discuss, collaborate and extend the walls of learning beyond the classroom.

Click here for a brief video on how to use Edmodo. (Note: scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Another cool tool I came across this weekend is Remember the Milk. I was looking for an online place where I could store various pieces of information such as tasks, reminders, lists, etc. But I wanted other people to have access to these lists and be able to update them also. Remember the Milk is a great tool for iPhone users as it syncs with your iCalendar.

Click here for Remember the Milk's website.


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