Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What are you saying?

While the concept and technology of using Wordle to visually display a concept, message, website, etc. isn't new - it isn't actually something I have done on this blog before. I thought to myself - what am I actually saying on my blog? Is it of value? Is it relevant? One approach is to take a different look at the words I have utilized on this platform. Wordle gives me the visual display of keywords on my blog. Here is what I came up with (yeah, I know the quality isn't that great...sorry):

Wordle: CIO Corner:  What am I saying?

So what are some of the keywords? World, Teachers, Innovation, Students, Learning, Administrators, Technology, Understand, Opportunities. I found it interesting that 'Technology' was not one of my most utilized words, but interesting in a good way. I don't want it to be the utilized word. This site isn't about technology, but rather about teaching and learning and how technology - as a tool - can enhance the way teachers teach and the way students learn. This visual back-up helps solidify (at least in my mind) that I am on the right track. Thanks Wordle.


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