Friday, July 15, 2011

Why? Because it matters...

SparksImage by Gnal via FlickrMy wife attended a work conference this week out of state and returned home last evening. While she was there she communicated with a few past colleagues and they asked how we were doing, how I liked my new job, etc. Then one of the people turned to my wife and asked 'why did your husband stop blogging? I always enjoyed reading his posts and comments.' That hit home with me last night and something that translates into our daily lives as educators.

I had become quite consumed with my new job, new duties, new community and learning that I simply made a choice to move the blog to the back burner. It wasn't that I didn't believe the value wasn't there, it was simply trying to prioritize the chaos in my life. But to hear that someone who lives 500 miles away was disappointed that I don't blog regularly anymore created a new energy and excitement within me. The value that once was a high priority, had slipped and it is time to reclaim.

This often happens to many educators across the country. We get so consumed with our school, our district, our community that we forget their exists an education community beyond what our eyes can see. There are colleagues and peers across this globe seeking new knowledge, new ideas and new innovations on a daily basis. It must continue to be our charge to share, collaborate and learn from one another so that we can ensure our students receive the highest quality education possible.

To the colleague who inspired me via my wife. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me that while my world may be extremely busy, that I can not forget about my colleagues across the state, country and world that desire to share, collaborate and learn. If everyone were to put this on the back burner as easily as I did...where would we be?

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Chuck said...

you're welcome! :) thanks for firing back up... always good to keep up with others!!