Tuesday, January 27, 2009

iPhone Apps - Part III

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 02:  Steve Carp...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeTime again for the cutting edge apps I have found to be of use on (still) the greatest device I have ever owned. I have used and evaluated each of these apps for at least 30 days and found they are worth having in your arsenal. These apps are all ideal for people who are on the go.

WiiFinder - ever need to know if there is Wi Fi available? Need to know the signal strength or whether it is protected? WiiFinder allows you to do all the above, whether it is to seek out and eliminate rouge access points or steal someone's signal.

Open Table - in a hurry and don't have time to call a restaurant to make reservations? Or just prefer to do it from the web? Open Table allows you to make reservations at your favorite restaurant from the comfort of your iPhone. (This of course requires you to be in a metro area. Sorry...will not make reservations at The Four Pigs in Benton, KY.)

Amazon.com - I was scepticle about this app, but figured I would give it a try. I have found the Amazon.com app both easy to use / navigate and secure. I have already made a few purchases while traveling down Interstate 24 in TN.

eBay Mobile - As impressed as I was with Amazon.com's app - I am as equally impressed with eBay's. I have been able to track a handful of auctions, ask questions to sellers and even make bids all from the app. While the app obviously does not offer the full functionality of the web, it provides the user enough information to both sell and buy from their device.

SnapTell - SnapTell allows you to take a picture of a CD, DVD, video game, etc. and immediately have all vital information at your fingertips. For example: you see a DVD case at your friend's house and can't remember who the supporting actor was or what year that movie came out. Take a quick picture and within seconds you not only have that information, but the ability to purchase that DVD from eBay, Amazon or other stores and read any reviews on the movie.

Animoto - if you enjoy making professional quality videos without the fancy equipment or software, then you have probably already used Animoto on the web. But now Animoto is available for the iPhone. That's right - you can create the same quality videos - on the go - using images already stored on your iPhone.

eReader - if you enjoy reading (as I do), then eReader is a must for your iPhone apps collection. eReader allows you to download and read books on your iPhone. But - also offers these capabilities: highlight, bookmark, page flipping and more. This app is a must for all avid readers.

LifeCast - and I save the best for last. For those of you who live in the blog world (as I do), this app is for you. LifeCast allows you to post blog entries (Blogger and Tumblr) straight from your iPhone. At a conference and want to take a quick picture with caption and upload to your blog - use LifeCast. Networking with collegaues at a reception and want to quickly upload an innovative project someone is using before you forget - use LifeCast. I have already found LifeCast beneficial for those times I don't have access to my laptop or desktop and need to update my blog.

I hope you find these apps as beneficial as I have. As I continue to find new ways to use my iPhone not only for work but to improve the way I live my life - I will continue to share those findings with you. Enjoy!


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