Friday, December 12, 2008

TETC - Nashville, TN

Nashville, TennesseeImage via WikipediaI had the opportunity to attend the TETC event this week in Nashville, TN. I had set the bar high for this event in hopes they would make up for last year's sub-par event. Bravo to the organizers for this year's event, because they met the challenge. While attendance may have plateaued, the variety of sessions and vendors provided for a worthwhile conference. Here is a highlight of what I saw:

So You Want to Implement Small Learning Communities
Newton Roland, Nashville Public School

Mr. Roland spoke about how he had used the concept of an SLC to create an environment for 21st century learning. He provided the steps he took in creating the SLC and how he built relationships with local businesses, parents and community members to ensure the success of his SLC.

Business Continuity Planning for Education
Jim Kennedy, BCDR

Mr. Kennedy spoke of solutions and a road map for creating a business continuity plan to ensure the integrity of a district's data and key technology tools. He spoke to how school districts are completely dependant upon technology and data for our day to day operations that it is imperative we have a plan in place should disaster strike.

Data Collection and Analysis for RTI Reading
Debbie D'Angelo

Web 2.0 or 3.0?
Carrie Thorntwaite

I also saw the latest products and software from the following vendors:

Southern Business Communications
Absolute Software
Oki Printing Solutions

TETC renewed my interest in attending the event next year - and I am planning on bringing more of my team (budget willing) to experience this growing event.


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