Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on Server Virtualization Project

Rack-width sliding keyboard & monitor with equ...We are in the final phase of our server virtualization project. The hardware has been rack mounted, OS installed, switches / VLANs configured and VM Ware installed. We have three Dell 2950 servers which will server as the brain - hosting the virtual servers. We also have a Dell AX 4/5 SAN storage solution with nearly 8TB of free storage. By the end of this week my Network Administrator will have had hands on experience managing the virtual environment, moving a server from physical to virtual (or P to V) and instruction on how to use Virtual Console. At the end of week 2 we should have all necessary servers migrated to the new solution and begin to wrap up the project by tweaking the necessary settings and any last minute training.

Once the project is complete our new server room will house all existing servers other than our state owned boxes and core router, a dedicated cooling unit and backup generator. We also have plans to utilize to of our existing servers as offsite backup solutions. One will be housed on our existing campus (just in a different building) and the other will be at our new middle school. Our goal is that this solution will provide a more effecient means of doing business, reliable backups, disaster recovery, more storage space and centralized environment where all data is easily accessible.


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