Monday, July 14, 2008

Articles / Projects

It has been two weeks since my last post, but I took some vacation days and much needed time out of the office.

Here a few articles that caught my eye in the world of K-12 Education Technology:

Before switching gears to our projects - has anyone purchased the new iPhone 3G? What are your thoughts? I am debating and researching whether the move would be a good one for me. Right now I am at 70/30.

Here are the current projects my district has embarked on:

-Mobile Carts/Labs in all secondary schools.
We will have a minimum of 30-60 laptops available in all secondary schools starting this fall. The purpose of these labs is to provide enhanced educational opportunities for our students. The laptops provide real-time learning in the classroom while allowing students to research, collaborate and share content.

-Server Consolidation / Virtualization
We are in the beginning stages of bringing our 25+ district and school level servers back into a central location. The new devices will increase storage capacity for all end users, provide more reliability and ensure the quality of our backups. (We will also provide off-site backups for critical data.)

As of the end of this month all educational buildings will have full wireless coverage throughout with each building also having the capability of providing "guest services" to outside users. These guest services are secured and controlled by our district's network administration.

These are enough to keep us busy during the summer months. School starts in three weeks. Wow.


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