Friday, January 7, 2011

Review of Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tablet at mHealth Summit 2010Image by Hallicious via FlickrI was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for our team to review over the next few weeks. I have spent about 24 hours with the device and here are my initial thoughts:

  • The device is 7" diagonal - so much small and lighter than the iPad.
  • I was fairly impressed with the speed when moving between applications, browsing the web, viewing videos, etc. Samsung utilizes their own processor, not a limitation.
  • Free Office Productivity suite (ThinkFree Office) pre-installed.
  • Camera - rear and forward-facing. (I'm sure its biggest competitor has this coming in their next release.)
  • Flash 10 supported.
  • Serves as a Wi-Fi hot spot. Not sure how big this is in the K-12 market, but a nice feature non-the-less.
  • DLNA Technology which allows you to display content from the device to other enabled devices such as TVs, computers, etc.
  • Good battery life - 13+ hours
  • Support for multiple video codecs (mp4, divx, wma)
  • Durable - use of gorilla glass
  • Price Point - starting at $320

  • Wasn't that impressed with the apps available in the Android Market. (Especially in Education)
  • A bit clunky / sloppy on the OS side, but this was my first impression of the Android OS
  • No USB port
  • Image quality on the camera is average to below-average (expected better)
  • Cost of data plan

Overall, the device seems quality and I am anxious to hear what other members of my team have to say about it. I'm not 100% sold that it would be worth moving from my iPad to the Galaxy, but I will continue to explore. Definitely worth the time for your district or department to evaluate and determine its value to you and your personnel.

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