Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making Our Mission Come To Life

I have spent the past two days in our Administrator's Kick-Off event. The purpose...making our mission come to life. I must start with the mission itself. Not only is this one of the most inspiring and simplistic mission statements, every member of the organization from top to bottom believes and lives this mission statement every day.

Our mission...is to educate students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers and community contributors.

My job as Director of Instructional Technology for District 203 is to ensure that our mission is at the forefront of every decision that we make. Ensuring that our students utilize technology tools to become more self-directed. That they collaborate between classrooms, schools, communities, cities and countries. That they utilize technology tools, resources and applications to become complex thinkers. By allowing unfettered access to appropriate tools they are able to produce quality real-world work, work that allows them to pursue educational or work related opportunities upon graduation. And finally that they understand what it means to be members of a community and how to appropriately utilize technology tools as a productive member of society.

I look forward to this challenge and am excited for the opportunity to work for a school district that truly understands the purpose of education.


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