Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Would Your New School Look Like?

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This question has to cross the mind of K-12 ed. tech leaders on a regular basis - if given the chance to design a 21st century learning environment, what exactly would that look like? I am going to offer a few of my insights, but please feel free to offer your own. I look forward to the sharing.

Here are some non-negotiable items that would be in my new school:

  • Mobile Devices for all users (teachers and students)
  • Learning Management System - enhances communication and collaboration between student/teacher and teacher/teacher
  • Dense Wireless deployment
  • Interactive components in ALL classrooms (projector, interactive white board, document camera, student response system, audio enhancement system)
  • Open access to Web 2.0 collaborative tools
  • Library would consist of e-books, research stations and interactive learning stations
  • Professional Learning Communities for faculty/staff
  • Ongoing staff training to ensure all faculty/staff are comfortable integrating technology into their daily curriculum.

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narnett said...

Oh how I dream to build a new school that looks like that!!! All of it! :)