Wednesday, December 23, 2009


In search of a Learning Management System that would provide the faculty, staff and students of our school district an online platform to share, collaborate and communicate - I came across a fairly new product called Schoology.

I was able to get an online demo and speak with the founders of the company last week and they took me through where their product is now and where it is going. My first response to them was "this looks a lot like Facebook". They responded by telling me that they wanted to develop a platform based on social networking that was familiar and easy to use for both levels of users - faculty and students.

I am hoping to get a full evaluation of this product in early 2010 and look forward to keeping up with Schoology and its impact on K-12. I believe it has the ability to make a splash. Take a look at their site and request a demo - even if you aren't in the market for a LMS right now. I believe you will find they are on the right track to providing a user friendly tool, built on social networking and capable of enhancing the student/teacher communication, collaboration and online learning.


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