Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Technology: The Solution or The Path to The Solution?

Too many times I hear fellow educators praise technology as "the solution to education's problems". Is technology going to allow our students to magically learn more? Will technology increase their brain capacity thus allowing for greater information to fill their head? No. Educators and innovators must think of technology as "The Path to The Solution" (as I like to think of it).

Technology engages students today. Think about this. A student goes home in the evening - what does he/she do? Play video games. Listen to their iPod. Blog. Research on the Internet. Create Podcasts. Upload videos to YouTube. Social with friends on networking sites. They live their lives in the digital world. Shouldn't we use the tools of the digital world to engage them in learning?

Imagine a school with no library - no books - just computers. All research is done via the Internet. Instead of students typing papers and printing them off - they create digital content online, either in their personal blog or wiki. Students listen to speeches by authors or motivators through their iPod. They tell a story using software, video and digital video cameras. Imagine a student learning by utilizing the tools they use OUTSIDE of school. Imagine the captive audience a teacher would have while teaching about a topic. These are the innovations that can change student learning...these are "The Path to the Solution".

Watch this video on K-12 speaks to these items as well.


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